The simplest WordPress starter theme including Sass, PostCSS, Autoprefixer, stylelint, Webpack, ESLint, imagemin, Browsersync, etc.

Get Bathe


Quick Start

1. Download Bathe or generate a new repository with Bathe

Download Use this template

2. Unzip the file or clone the repository into your WordPress environment

3. Change directories into the Bathe folder

cd /path/to/bathe

4. Install dependencies

npm install

Or with yarn:


5. Modify the proxy of browsersync in package.json for your environment

The default proxy is localhost:8888 for wp-env.

6. Start developing

npm run dev

Or with yarn:

yarn dev

Configurations and Defaults

You can modify the configurations by editing config in package.json.


"config": {
  "browsersync": {
    "proxy": "localhost:8888",
    "port": 3000
  "image": {
    "src": "assets/_src/images",
    "dist": "assets/images"
  "js": {
    "entry": "bundle.js",
    "src": "assets/_src/js",
    "dist": "assets/js"
  "css": {
    "src": "assets/_src/sass",
    "dist": "assets/css",
    "style": "compressed",
    "map": "--map"


  • Bathe doesn't load the default theme stylesheet style.css by default.
  • You can use Bathe without Node.js (Sass, Webpack, Browsersync, etc.) just like other themes. Nothing else is necessary except WordPress environment.