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Quick starter project for Jekyll including full setup for gulp, Sass, Autoprefixer, Bourbon/Neat/Bitters, Browserify, imagemin, Browsersync, PostCSS etc.

Quick-start Instructions

$ git clone
$ cd frasco
$ npm install
$ npm start

System Preparation

To use this starter project, you’ll need the following things installed on your machine.

  1. Jekyll & Bundler

    $ gem install jekyll bundler
  2. NodeJS

    use the installer, Homebrew, etc.

Local Installation

  1. Clone this repo, or download it into a directory of your choice.

    $ git clone
  2. Inside the directory, run npm install.

    $ cd frasco
    $ npm install


Note: If you have trouble with the commands, prepending bundle exec to your commands may solve it. e.g.

$ bundle exec npm start

Start to Developt

This will give you file watching, browser synchronisation, auto-rebuild, CSS injecting, etc.

$ npm start

Build for Production

This will set the JEKYLL_ENV to production and use the production config file(s) set in frasco.config.js to override default settings.

$ npm run build

See More Commands

This will display all available commands.

$ npm run


As this is just a Jekyll project, you can use any of the commands listed in their docs

What’s in Frasco

Configurations and Defaults

You can change the configurations by editing frasco.config.js.